Story: The Mercenaries of Eliche

Greetings, tacticians.

Last week we met our ambitious protagonist, Eden. To continue the story features, this week we’ll be introducing you all to some of the key characters that are closest to him at the beginning of the game.

Even a small-town hero can’t do everything on his own; he needs a crew that can back him up (and occasionally, keep him from doing something stupid). Today we’ll be taking a closer look at two members of Eden’s team: Robin and Robere.

At first glance, few would guess the genial-looking Robere to be a mercenary, much less part of a group like Eden’s. A woodsman by trade, he hails from a small community outside the fortified town of Eliche, where he and Robin once resided in a carpenter’s workshop as co-apprentices.

Resting on the edge of a monster-infested forest, the shop was a target of frequent attacks by colossal insects called formikants. Despite their best efforts to repel the beasts, the damage was often deducted from Robere and Robin’s pay, a source of endless frustration. During one such encounter, a bold young mercenary captain and his friends (nearby on business at the time) stepped in to intervene. Impressed by Robere and Robin’s monster-fighting skill, he invited them to join his company, and the pair soon resettled in Lonetta.

As the oldest member of the crew, Robere maintains the group’s hideout and looks after the others, particularly Robin. He also does most of the cooking.

Robere’s polar opposite, Robin is a spunky young hothead somehow even more cocky than Eden himself. He enjoys the adventurous life of a mercenary, and considers the crew his family.

Known for boasting about his exploits to attract romantic attentions, Robin has a bit of a reputation around Lonetta for being a lothario, and can often be found sneaking into or out of various second-story windows. But despite his loudmouthed personality, Robin is a dependable ally on the battlefield, defaulting to Eden’s leadership and Robere’s guidance.

Together, these blue-collar monster-hunters make a formidable duo, standing by their allies through thick and thin.

That concludes today’s story entry. Later this upcoming Saturday, we’ll meet the two members of Eden’s team that are closest to him: Francisco and Leon.

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