Town Hall 1st Edition

Greetings, tacticians.

We’re publishing our first Town Hall a day early! This is an officially curated series of questions answered by Ocean Drive Studio’s Creative Director for Lost Eidolons, Jin Sang! Every week we take questions asked by our community about the game, studio, or the people working on it and put it together in an official format. As a note, in the future all Town Halls will be on Friday. Check it out below.

LetterDrone: Are there prerequisites to unlocking classes like in Final Fantasy Tactics or Fell Seal? Or is the system in Lost Eidolons more like Fire Emblem: Three Houses where it’s more based on weapon proficiency to graduate into a different class?

Creative Director Jin Sang: There are prerequisites to unlock each class. This could include character’s level and/or proficiency level. I’d rather say it’s more like Fire Emblem: Three Houses in that matter.

Zeke: Have you guys considered dungeons? Stuff like Midlight’s Deep in FFT or the bunch of them in TO:LucT like PoTD and San Bronsa Ruins.

Creative Director Jin Sang: I have not considered dungeons yet. I was more focused on story and the battles around it so far. I was asked similar questions like end-game contents like endless dungeons and so on after we revealed the game. I’m open to this, but I can’t confirm for now, and it might be beyond our immediate scope currently.

Zeke: Are there going to be any obscure requirement to unlock some characters?

Creative Director Jin Sang: I don’t think so. While I could have done that, I decided that there wasn’t a need for those kinds of obscure requirements to unlock characters. Instead, we made this system where characters visit the camp at certain points of the game and you need to build up a friendly relationship with them in order to recruit them.

icyski: What are your thoughts on how the battle forecast layout in Lost Eidolons would work in combat? Will all information be shown to the player (like how much damage they will do, chance to crit, chance to miss) before they take an action?

Creative Director Jin Sang: I want players to have every single piece of information possible shown in an easy-to-digest format on the battlefield so that they can always make informed decisions.

icyski: Once the game releases will there be support for mods to the game?

Creative Director Jin Sang: Well, my ultimate goal is to support the mods and let users create the story and the battles as well! However we’re constrained by resources right now, so I supposed it depends on the success of the game later on.

Tsu: I’m just wondering if there might be features similar to the Ace Combat series where there are main battles you would always fight but that diverging paths occur based on choices made that lead to different combat encounters.

Creative Director Jin Sang: Well, I wish I could add those kinds of episodes but I don’t think we can currently for Lost Eidolons. Maybe if we make a sequel!

Tsu: Will there be battles or encounters that will be grindable for strengthening characters during the story/campaign or will the strategy aspect extend to planning out experience amongst your characters?

Creative Director Jin Sang: People can play the way that they want. There is a set amount of EXP that we intend for players to get, but for those who really want to grind, they can continue grinding EXP beyond that but at a much slower rate than the intended amount.

Tsu: Will classes be limited to one type of weapon or will we have the ability to customize what weapons we have to an extent?

Creative Director Jin Sang: Characters can equip any type of weapons as you wish. There’s no limit on what you want to equip. However, you will have to choose wisely what to equip since there will be some advantages and/or disadvantages.

Severance Bane: Are there plans to add more classes, skills and class upgrades in later updates?

Creative Director Jin Sang: Currently there’s 19 classes (not including two base classes) to choose. Originally there were 10 more classes we wanted to add. I had to make a decision to cut those for lots of reasons. If I have a chance to add those after the launch, I’ll definitely some of them back in!

Severance Bane: Will we be able to swap from a top down camera angle to a “behind the shoulder” kind of perspective during combat?

Creative Director Jin Sang: You can zoom in and out and rotate the camera during the combat but not the perspective.

NoirValentine: How come there are only 3 backer options for being featured in the tooltip of unique weapons when there are 8 weapons?

Creative Director Jin Sang: Well, we decided not to give all 8 of them for backer options since there were some unique weapons related to the story that we wanted to keep the flavor text as vanilla as possible.

Nortar: Are there any elves or non-human races? Can we kill them? How many?

Creative Director Jin Sang: For now, we’ve decided not to add any non-human races. Humanity is at the mercy of its own kind, and occasionally that of more supernatural creatures.

MussoBro: What were some of the major inspirations for the story of the game?

Creative Director Jin Sang: I would say that there were two major inspirations. One came from the history and mythos of ancient China and the other came from the games I developed and played that include the Legend of CaoCao and Fire Emblem series.

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