Story: Brothers in Arms

Greetings, tacticians.

Today we’re continuing our spotlight of Eden’s mercenary crew. Earlier this week, we introduced you to Robin and Robere. Now get ready to meet our hero’s two closest friends and brothers-in-arms: Leon and Francisco.

Eden’s childhood friend and confidante, Leon is often mistaken for a sibling. While they may not be literally related, their bond runs deeper than blood; years ago, Leon’s mother took an orphan Eden in, and treated him like a second son. Since her passing, the pair have become inseparable.

Though he can often come across as grumpy or aloof, Leon cares about his friends deeply. With a quick wit and a barbed tongue, he has a knack for gently reprimanding those he disagrees with, while bringing down the temperature in heated confrontations. Through sheer necessity, he’s also developed his talents with an account book, as well as a needle and thread — both surprisingly useful skills in a mercenary company, particularly when Francisco is around.

The group’s go-to muscle, Francisco is strong as a boar and just as short-tempered; he likely would have landed in jail years ago if not for Eden. But the reverse is also true: without Francisco, Eden probably wouldn’t survive the particular brand of high-risk do-gooding he can never seem to resist.

When he’s not thumping skulls on the battlefield, Francisco enjoys training and gambling. He’s also been known to write and sing his own verse, but that fact is a closely guarded secret.

As Eden’s journey carries him out of Lonetta and into the wider world, Leon and Francisco will be there every step of the way, helping to keep him anchored. Though Eden’s propensity for charity often drives them to complaint, in truth, it’s why they follow him at all. Like any who have experienced more than their share of hungry nights, these rowdy ruffians learned at a young age one of life’s most valuable lessons:

Having friends you can trust isn’t an idle luxury. It’s a matter of survival.

That concludes today’s story entry. With this, the stage is set for the band of rugged mercenaries and their controlled fate among one another. This week we had met the lifelong allies of our protagonist. Next week, you will get to meet some of the key figures that Eden will encounter once the wheels are set in motion in Lost Eidolons’ events.

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