Story: The Lion of the Rebellion

Greetings, tacticians.

Today’s update has us meeting one of the two main iconic characters of Lost Eidolons, Balastar. The lion of the rebellion, he is a man of great ferocity driven by powerful conviction, and one of the primary driving catalysts which will push Eden towards his own path in the story.

Some heroes, like Eden, are thrust into greatness. Others are raised for it. Such is the case for Balastar Feniche, a man forged in the flames of war, with everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Hailing from the seaside country of Benerio, Balastar is the heir to the prestigious House Feniche, and the son of a beloved war-hero (the late General Amadeo Feniche). Much of his family was claimed by bloodshed at a young age; as a result, Balastar was brought up under the wing of his uncle, Isoro, another well-known general who has spent years laying the groundwork for rebellion against the Empire. With a sword in hand and steel in his heart, Balastar is a charismatic battlefield leader and a fierce warrior in his own right, though his passion sometimes gets the better of him.

Having witnessed the horrors of war and the suffering that followed, Balastar holds a deep resentment towards Emperor Ludivictus and the tyranny of his reign. As a commander in the rebel army, Balastar is loyal to his uncle’s mission, but driven by his own convictions. He seeks nothing less than the absolute destruction of the Empire, and to be the sole individual to bring it down to its knees, a duty he considers his destiny.

Though his heart is a carefully guarded fortress, he does occasionally open the gates to those who gain his trust. It’s rumored that once in a while, his roars of laughter can be heard bellowing throughout the camp.


That concludes today’s story entry. You’ve now learned of some of the key figures that Eden has yet to meet that will play a major role in shaping his destiny in the impending conflict. Next week, we’ll share some of the wider conflicts that play a part in setting the stage for the events of Lost Eidolons.

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