Story: Benerio Province

Greetings, tacticians.

Earlier this week we covered the famed general Isoro and his role in the brewing rebellion against the Ludivictan Empire. Today, we wanted to shed some light on the homeland of many important characters in Lost Eidolons. It should serve as a vital piece of information to provide context on how many of them ended up where they are in present day.

To understand what makes a hero, it can be helpful to take a step back and explore the world they live in. From Eden and his mercenary pals to Isoro and the rebels, the heroes of Lost Eidolons come from varied walks of life, but most have one thing in common: their homeland, Benerio.

Located on the southern coast of Artemesia, Benerio is a sun-drenched domain of bustling ports and sprawling castle towns. Prior to its conquest by the Empire, Benerio was an independent kingdom, ruled by the noble House Orsio, who were in turn protected by House Feniche. During this time, Benerio prospered as the trade capital of Artemesia, with a flourishing economy, a rich artistic culture, and a high standard of living for its common people.

However, since the Imperial Unification, fortunes in Benerio have withered. With the Orsios annihilated and House Feniche weakened, what’s left is a deeply troubled land, toward which the Empire takes a position of callous neglect. Trade is weak, taxes are high, and the roads are plagued by monsters.

But by far the most prevalent issue is corruption. While other provinces are allowed to maintain at least a semblance of independence through the humiliating fealty of their former royal families, Benerio’s royal family was obliterated without a trace. For this reason, day-to-day affairs are largely governed by puppet nobility selected from the major cities. As in all provinces, Benerio’s leaders are closely monitored by the ranks of the Imperial Inquisitors.

Despite this harsh treatment, Benerio has been relatively free of the sort of organized uprisings occasionally known to occur in other provinces, likely because it has had few unifying figures capable of rallying the common people. However, with the reemergent House Feniche now calling for open rebellion, this quiet seaside kingdom has become a dangerous powderkeg, awaiting a spark.

That concludes today’s story entry. This was the second to final installation of the story features designed to give you, the reader, insight onto the characters of Lost Eidolons, the settings, and the greater conflicts that intertwine their fates. Next Tuesday will be our last feature story, which will go over the enemy which binds our heroes together; Ludivictus of House Zerpial.

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