Story: Isoro & The Rebellion

Greetings, tacticians.

Last week we met the lion of the rebellion, Balastar, as well as a beacon of justice amidst a land of corruption, Marchelle. These characters will play a vital role in shepherding an age of change in Artemesia. And for that, we must delve deeper into the wider conflicts of the world and what has led them and our protagonist Eden on this march towards their destinies. Today, we’re learning about Isoro, one of the great commanders leading the insurgents against the empire and his connection with Balastar.

A proud family with a storied history, House Feniche is one of the oldest noble bloodlines in the Province of Benerio.

For centuries, the Feniches served as the loyal sword of House Orsio, the former kingdom’s ruling power. In the family’s glory days, Amadeo Feniche (Balastar’s father) acted as Benerio’s chief protector, and was widely beloved by its people.

Tragically, House Feniche’s flame was snuffed during the Unification, when Amadeo was killed in battle, the royal family was massacred, and Benerio fell. In the years that followed, the Feniche family’s influence has waned, and their fortune has been all but obliterated under vindictive Imperial taxes.

Nonetheless, the embers of a once-great name still burn, as does the dedication of another famous Feniche:

Amadeo’s brother, Isoro.

An aging general who rose to prominence during the war, Isoro is known among Benerio’s people as a skilled commander who fought valiantly to keep his homeland free. Nonetheless, his efforts fell short: a defeat that earned him the shameful nickname ‘The Broken Blade’, which he has carried ever since.

Yet against all odds, Isoro has clung to his honor, carefully speaking out against Imperial corruption while biding his time, amassing his forces, and laying the foundation for rebellion. Now those efforts have paid off, and the broken blade has drawn blood, with an explosive series of overnight victories that have taken the Empire by surprise.

After years of preparation, House Feniche is now poised to explode from the ashes… and unleash the fires of hell on its enemies.


That concludes today’s story entry. With a better understanding of Balastar’s lineage, we have more perspective of his motives and what drives him on his hellbent warpath, as well as a better outlook on the moving parts that are driving Artemesia’s greater conflicts. What do you think of the setting of Lost Eidolons and its characters thus far?

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