We did it. 100% funded on Kickstarter, and beyond!

Holy smokes.

We made it! Thanks to the generosity of over 900 of you that had faith in a brand new studio with no prior repute, we managed to drum up over $45,000 to realize awesome new features for Lost Eidolons. We were already excited to bring Lost Eidolons to fans of the genre, but now we can allocate the needed resources to make Permadeath happen for the Early Access, and there’s still time to reach the first stretch goal to gain the funds to develop the Hell mode difficulty.

By far though, the best part of this campaign was to gain so many supporters that know about our game and our studio. We always had the funds to make the base game, but it was nerving, uncertain, and outright distressing at times knowing that for many of us, we were starting from zero by forming Ocean Drive Studio. It’s something that every new studio has to go through. Now not only do we have funds to make a few bonus features, but we have a community of backers and enthusiasts who want to see us succeed in creating amazing game experiences.

We want to become more. We want to become a studio that people can recognize for their games, so we’re going to put our sweat and soul into making each game as great as it can be, starting with what we’re hoping to be our flagship title that you’re all supporting today, Lost Eidolons.

There are about 40 hours left in the campaign. If there was anyone who might’ve been on the fence about supporting our project, now’s the time to let them know,

“These guys funded their campaign, and there’s some cool stuff that we can still work towards”.

We’re beyond grateful for what you’ve all supported us with so far. No matter if you invested in us by backing a tier, or so much as sent a Tweet about us, or told your friend over Discord about our project. Everything meant the world to a humbled studio that just wanted to get out there.

The team at Ocean Drive Studio is looking forward to developing Lost Eidolons with your support, feedback, and involvement in the project. Make sure to join our Discord to join in on the conversations with each update!

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