Closed Beta Test recruits! Welcome soldiers!

Greetings everyone!

With the date of the first playtest phase coming soon, we’ve finalized our recruitment of the new cadets for the Benerio Grand Company, our beta testing focus group.

We received well over 300 applications from strategists eager to our existing pool of testers from the Kickstarter campaign, which had already numbered over 1000. Testers will help us improve the game by providing vital feedback on early builds of Lost Eidolons, which will result in bettering the overall game experience for those who will get to experience it later on.

If you submitted a form to join the Benerio Grand Company, please check your e-mail (including your spam inbox)! If you did not receive an e-mail from us, fret not! We will continuously be adding new cadets to the Benerio Grand Company throughout each testing phase between now and Early Access. We will regularly announce rounds of new recruits whenever we do. You do not need to submit a new form if you weren’t accepted for this round! This also means that if you’re just learning about our testing program for the first time, you can still apply to join it!

This e-mail will not contain your beta code. A separate e-mail will arrive in your inbox on September 30th containing the Steam installation key!

If you indicated in the form that you were a Kickstarter backer, we did not send you an e-mail, because you were already in the program without applying. Those who are Kickstarter backers should make sure to join the Ocean Drive Studio Discord and contact ODS Pat for role verification.

If you were accepted but did not join our Discord yet, also please make sure to do so to receive your roles and access to tester channels. You can also request assistance in the #troubleshooting channel.

The ODS team is looking forward to making Lost Eidolons the best game that we can by working closely with our community. Stay tuned for news on the first upcoming playtest!

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