The Tactician’s Guide to Artemesia #7

Changes Since Beta

Hello, Tacticians!

From the Kickstarter campaign to our launch on October 13, we’ve come a long way, and we would like to thank everyone that’s supported us from day one. If you have been with us since the beginning, you’ve seen how Lost Eidolons has undergone countless improvements, and your feedback has been tremendously helpful in that process.

Today, we would like to highlight some major changes we’ve made since the Betas.

The look:

First and foremost, we’ve made huge changes to how our game looks and feels, from the start screens, to the battlemaps, and even the user interface in the settings menu. We’ve also made numerous visual changes to how the story and dialogue is presented in the game’s main campaign.

Start screen in Beta 1:

Start screen now:

Victory screen in Beta 1:

Victory screen in Beta 2:

A typical dialogue scene in Beta 1:

And now:

The battlefield is another area where we’ve put a lot of focus. In addition to gameplay and visual changes too numerous to count, the development team has radically overhauled the battle UI.

Battlefield during Betas:

Battlefield now, with improved texture and details:

Gameplay controls during Betas:

Gameplay controls now – Ability to use WASD to move around the battlefield added:


Another aspect of the game you might not notice is the fact that we’ve added language support for several languages. We now support the following languages:


As mentioned in a previous post, we’ve had some serious help from some serious actors to give our game the audio treatment it deserved.

A few of our major standouts are:

Stephen Fu as Eden
Jennifer Losi as Klara
Chris Tergliafera as Balastar
Keith Silverstein as Gilbert
Brittny Cox as Marchelle
Colleen O’Shaughnesssey as Andrea
Billy Kametz and Ricco Fajardo as Robin

…And so much more!

The game has undergone way too many changes to include in a short post like this, as you’ll see for yourself once you play it. From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank the community for the role you’ve played in the game’s development. Your feedback, whether positive or negative, has been instrumental to us in getting the game to the highest level of quality we can, and we hope that you’ll enjoy the results.

See you all on the battlefield!


– ODS Roy

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