Lost Eidolons – Official Launch Day Recap

Hello everyone,

Thank you for playing the game on day one of release!

It was a busy day with the stream, taking feedback from the community, and discussing the next steps internally!

While it was a very smooth launch, we did find a few issues and took some feedback from the community. Here are some of the feedback and issues we received.

Please note: we have a bigger list in review and only sharing items that have been discussed and have immediate next steps.

  • Turn Limit: We got some feedback on having hard turn limits on all battles. While the creative director and the team had intended the turn limit, we considered the need from the community, as well as the fact that the change won’t go against our design philosophy of the game. So we are currently talking to the team to check on the technical feasibility. However, our “undo” feature takes up memory logging every single move you make, and this can potentially cause an issue if we completely remove the turn limits. So, we will do a very close review to finalize the plan. Once we have a detailed action item firmed up, we will be sure to communicate with you! But do know that we heard you and we are trying to support the need of, “wanting to play the battle without any pressure coming from turn limits”!
  • PS4 and PS5 Controllers Not Working: We are reviewing this issue and will come up with a fix very soon!
  • Subtitle Font Size: We had many players tell us that the size of the font is too small and want to have the option to freely change them. This seems possible to support very soon, and we will provide this QoL update as soon as it is ready.
  • Displaying EXP Window After Each Attack: There were reports that some players do not want to see EXP progression pop up after each attack, and so we are looking to implement the option to turn it on/off.
  • Designed Cursor: This was one small feedback, but we agreed it would be cool to update the cursor design to fit the game’s visual! We will be working on it!
  • Infinite Loading Screen: Few players experienced infinite loading when starting the game, and while some fixed the issue by repairing the game on Steam we are looking into the issue to find the root cause.
  • Ultrawide Screen Support: There were requests asking for ultrawide screen support, which we will look into. We will provide an update on our plans soon.
  • WASD Camera Control Key Binding Gets Reset: This report was that when you bind camera control keys to other keys from WASD, it gets reset every time you run the game again. We will fix the issue ASAP.

We are very grateful to have finally released the game and happy to get your feedback, both positive and negative.

Please continue to share your feedback, we will do whatever it takes to further improve Lost Eidolons!

Ocean Drive Studio

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