Lost Eidolons Patch Notes (12/20/2022)

[EDIT on 12/21 PT – Corrected & clarified information on new character sorting order]

Greetings, Tacticians,

We are releasing version GM1.04.00.R32 to apply the following fixes and improvements.

The patch will be live at:

  • 3 PM PST, December 20th, 2022
  • 6 PM EST, December 20th, 2022
  • 12 AM CET, December 21st, 2022
  • 8 AM KST, November 21st, 2022

Please note that if you are playing at this time, your game will not be interrupted. You will be prompted to download the patch the next time you open Lost Eidolons.

Now, here’s a word about this patch from Jin Sang Kim, the Creative Director of Lost Eidolons.

Hello all,

This patch is our biggest game update since the launch of Lost Eidolons. The New Game Plus mode, which was discussed a little in the last patch notes, has finally arrived. With this new mode, I really hope you give the game another go and enjoy Lost Idolons again in a style you haven’t played in!

I think it would be more interesting to go through the story once again on NG+, because the dialogue cutscenes have been greatly improved in this patch. The development team really worked hard to bring this to you with the NG+ mode. We did the best we can to do our best storytelling within the limits of our resources, so I would like to encourage all those who have already finished the game to enjoy the story again on NG+.

After this patch, we plan to work on improving endings and optional battles. We did try to highlight the fact that there are multiple endings by adding a little more dynamic UI to conversations this time around. But what we’re planning now is to improve the endings themselves in the next patch, in order to tell you a little more about what happens to each character after the conclusion of Lost Eidolons albeit in text format.

For the optional battles, we’re trying to make the repeating battles a little more interesting so please look forward to it!

We wish you the happiest of holidays and an even happier New Year! 🙂

Jin Sang

Patch Notes
Content Update
  • NewGame +
    • Available to the players who finished all 27 chapters and have ending clear save data.
    • Start a new game in NewGame+ mode with previously saved data like mastery level

Community Requested Fixes and Improvements


Other Fixes and Improvements
    • Character menu UI improvements
      • Character and Equipment menus now display mastery information
      • Mastery requirement of the equipped equipment now shows up on the equipment description window
      • Skill menu is improved
        • The order of the skill menu has been improved to show the equipped skills show first 
      • Equipped skill UI has been improved
    • Screen brightness will be reset to default value of 50 due to cutscene improvements in the patch
      • Please adjust and save the brightness as needed
    • Hotkey to end Camp dialgoue has been added
      • “Esc” on keyboard and “B” for gamepad
Bug fixes
    • Fixed the issue where some of the characters’ codex could not be opened
      • Borislav, Gisep, Leta, Merton, Pavlo, Rafael, Viturin
    • Fixed the issue where the character model was broken if the character was selected from the character screen using a hotkey
    • Fixed the tooltip location of the rapport menu
    • Corrected Eden’s position on the podium during Advancement Ceremony,
    • Fixed the untranslated text in the skill mastery popup menu in battle

Thank you for your patience as we continue to fix issues and provide more improvements per your suggestions.

If you would like to report issues and/or suggestions of your own, please use our Feature Upvote board!


The ODS Team

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