Important Note Regarding the Upcoming New Game+ Mode

Greetings, Tacticians.

As we get closer and closer to bringing you the big New Game+ patch, we’re getting more and more excited! It is something we’ve been thinking about as soon as we launched, and is very close to becoming a reality.

Before we bring the patch to you, we do have an important note for our most veteran Tacticians. You may recall that our patch on November 9th is when we added the ability to save after clearing the game. This means that finishing the game before that update did not create a record for New Game+ purposes. If you beat the game before updating to GM1.02, please be advised that you would need to fight the last battle and watch the ending again to enter New Game+. Tacticians who reached the end of the game after the GM1.02 patch are not affected.

We apologize that our most dedicated Tacticians who beat the game within the first month of release are affected by this. On launch day, we saw that many Tacticians enjoyed Lost Eidolons and wanted even more. This led us to plan NG+ right away, but it also meant we had to perform additional backend work. While we did our best to make haste, the earliest we could implement NG+ preparations was November 9th.

We looked into different options such as using achievements to recover at least some data, but realized that it would actually pose more risk to the game’s stability. Another concern was that a patchworked save file would not be able to fully carry over everything our Tacticians worked so hard to achieve, making it a marred experience.

We are deeply grateful for the support all our Tacticians have shown us, and hope the New Game+ update would bring you more fun as you revisit Artemesia. If you have any questions, please feel free to join our Discord server and ask them to our staff.

The ODS Team

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