Closed Beta 1 Patch Notes

A Note from ODS

“Thanks for testing out Lost Eidolons, Tactician. This is the first beta build of several to come. It’s still an early look at the game, so we’re missing a few coats of polish in a few areas like animation and voice acting. You might run into bugs, softlocks, unbalanced mechanics, and the occasional frustrating camp activity. Please let us know on Discord, Feature Upvote, or the Steam forums! As the tests go on, more and more content and finesse will be applied. Please look forward to it!”

The ODS Team

Improvements from June’s Alpha Test Feedback

“Back in June of this year, players had a chance to try out the alpha version of Lost Eidolons during Steam Next Fest. Thanks to those contributions, our team was able to make several changes that we might not have made otherwise had it not been for that feedback. We plan to continue this method of development with these upcoming beta test phases.”

Applied demo-based combat feedback
  • The experience acquisition window automatically disappears after a certain period of time
  • Added variety of battle events to various scenarios (dialogue events, battle rewards, etc)
  • Added terrain and environmental effect information when hovering over with cursor
  • Added double-speed function for battle animations
  • Applied Rapport system with allied units
  • Added detailed skill names/effects
  • Added Normal/Hard difficulty modes, selected at the start of the playthrough
  • Added grid display option in combat
  • Added more distinguished critical/guard effects when attacking
  • Added a toggle that allows you to view all enemy movement and attack ranges at once
  • Added more details to unit info in combat (status effects, etc.)
Applied user feedback from the demo build in the camp portions of the game
  • Players can now select any camp character on the map screen to fast travel to them without a load screen. Sprinting has been removed and replaced by this feature.
  • Improved speed of the training minigame in camp (sped up attack tempo, twice as fast!)
  • Improved meal/chat features in camp activities. This feature is in ongoing development.
New Content

The Mercenaries
“A chance encounter with a hooded woman.”

Contains 5 cutscenes and teaches the player how to navigate the combat UI and map, as well as the basics of the turn-based combat system.

Trouble Calls
“Framed and apprehended.”

Contains 4 cutscenes and teaches the player about ranged combat, guards and critical hits, zone of control, utilizing items, undoing actions, and display risk range.

“Escaping into the night.”

Contains 10 cutscenes and teaches the player about spells, weapons and weaknesses, swapping weapons mid-combat, turn limits, and item drops. Additionally introduces the camp outgame system, instructing players the basics of interacting with allies, rapport, character settings, and quests.

Break of Dawn
“Dispatching hellish beasts.”

Contains 1 cutscene and teaches the player about battle preparation, fighting monsters, and bond effects. Camp section introduces merchants and the Unity Ceremony.

The Proving Grounds
“Mounting an all-offensive siege.”

Contains 7 cutscenes and teaches the player about context actions, combat skills, tile effects, treasure chests, and special enemy mechanics.

Murder of Crows
“A beast like none other.”

Contains 5 cutscenes and teaches the player about poison effects and charged attacks. Camp section introduces new features and NPCs, as well as a tutorial on visitors/recruiting new units.

Thorned Rose
“Ambush behind enemy lines.”

Contains 4 cutscenes. Camp section teaches player about sparring at the training grounds.

Slumbering Bear
“Breaking down walls.”

Contains 5 cutscenes. Camp section teaches player about equestrian mounts for units.

New Features and Systems

Since the Steam Next demo, we’ve added or improved various mechanics:

  • Numerous camp/battle tutorial windows
  • Cutscenes for Chapters 1-8
  • Battles against monsters and the weak-point system
  • Battles against boss enemies
  • Better battle rewards (treasure chests, enemy loot drops, etc.)
  • Battle ally system
  • Options
    • Added V-sync on/off function
    • Added music volume, sound effect volume control function in addition the the master volume
Content Changelog
General Features
  • Camp/Battle Tutorials
  • Addition of monster-class enemies
  • Addition of lootable treasure chests during combat scenarios
  • Addition of ally team members during certain combat sccenarios (guests)
  • Addition of required Quests/Side Quests, according to the flow of each story section. Each episode now has main objectives as well as optional side objectives
  • Addition of Advancement Ceremony, where you can promote units to more powerful classes
  • Implementation of ally recruitment/invitation, where you can add new members to your combat roster
Bug Fixes
  • Bug fixes will be noted starting from the second patch note. Consider this one our starting point!
Known Issues


  • We are preparing for multilingual support.
  • In languages other than Korean/English, there are still some untranslated text.
  • There are areas in the UI that have not been size-optimized for all languages.


  • Please note that all cutscenes are still in development and will receive additional polishing before launch.
  • The character’s expressions/eyes/lipsync may look off. We are currently working on improving these.
  • There are moments where the character animation may appear stiff or awkward. We are currently working on improving these.
  • Interruptions in character animation may occasionally occur.
  • There is no sound or voiceover yet applied.


  • When using the fast travel function through the camp map menu, there is sometimes a bug that causes Eden to run in place instead of moving in front of the selected character.
  • There are still moments where the character animation appears awkward. We are constantly working on improving/correcting this.


  • There are moments in battle where battle animations clip through terrain.
  • There are some moments in which the monster animation appears awkward. We are constantly working on improving/correcting it.
  • Additional unchecked errors may appear as well.
In Development
  • The game does not support controllers in this phase, but our team is planning to make that functionality available in the near future.

New language options – Please note that the following languages have yet not gone through the full Localization Quality Assurance cycle:

  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Castilian Spanish
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Korean
  • Russian
Known issues:
  • A few lines of text may have slipped through the cracks in our localization pipeline. (If you encounter a line that displays in Korean or shows something like “no value”, that’s why.)
  • Some typos throughout various languages
  • Some terminology inconsistencies throughout various languages
  • Some text/UI elements are cut off or otherwise not displaying correctly
  • French Specific: Keys for cursor movement mapped for QWERTY keyboard and not AZERTY keyboard. Will be updated in future updates (FR : Problème remonté : les touches de déplacement du curseur sont configurées pour un clavier QWERTY et non pour un clavier AZERTY. Ce problème sera corrigé dans les prochaines mises à jour.)
  • Known issues will be addressed in future releases
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