A Letter from Ocean Drive Studio: Two-Week Recap

Hello Everyone!

Since we hit the two-week mark of the official release today, I wanted to provide a quick update on a few important topics.


Upcoming Patch Next Week

We are planning a QoL improvements patch for next week (Week of Oct 31st). This update will include the following changes and fixes.

  • Optional Turn Limits: We are making turn limits optional! Please read more about it from the One Week Recap post HERE 
  • FPS Unlocked: Currently the FPS is locked at 60 for performance reasons, but with the new update you will be able to choose 30, 60 or no limit.
  • Cutscene Improvement: The blur effect on the background during the conversation cutscenes will be removed for better visual immersion.
  • Cutscene Changes to the First Chapter: You will enter the battle right after the cinematic cutscenes.
  • More Brightness Adjustments: Camp and battleground in the nighttime will be made brighter.
  • Infinite Loading Issue: the update won’t fix the issue for everyone, but most players with the infinite loading issue will see an improvement.
  • Other Bug Fixes: Many other community-reported issues will be fixed including the font size issues. Please wait for detailed patch notes next week.

Please note that the above list can change as we finish QA testing and that there can be even more updates as we are continuously working on more improvements and fixes. We are sharing our progress on our Feature Upvote page with the tags and comments so please visit the board regularly to learn what we are working on! This Feature Upvote page is the definitive list we review as a team, so this is the best place to share your suggestions!

Next Content Update

Apart from the immediate fixes and improvements, we are also working hard on designing and developing the New Game Plus Mode (NG+) and Console/Debug Mode as the next major content update. As we work on the NG+ Mode, we want to capture your thoughts to ensure that we fulfill the community’s needs.

So please join the conversation in any of the channels below and share your suggestions and ideas.

We are constantly reading these community channels and taking feedback so please continue to share your feedback and insights!

Thank you for joining the community and for all the great feedback throughout the first two weeks!


Jungsoo Lee, Head of Global Business


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