Lost Eidolons Patch Notes (10/31/2022)


We are releasing version GM1.01.00.R308 to apply the following fixes and improvements outlined in the Two-Week Recap.

The patch will be live at:

  • 5 PM PDT, October 31, 2022
  • 8 PM EDT, October 31, 2022
  • 1 AM CET, November 1, 2022
  • 9 AM KST, November 1, 2022

Please note that if you are playing at this time, your game will not be interrupted. You will be prompted to download the patch the next time you open Lost Eidolons.

Now, here’s a word about this patch from Jin Sang Kim, our Creative Director of Lost Eidolons.

Hey guys,

It’s been a really wild, eye-opening couple of weeks since the game launched on October 12th. After a short celebration, we scrambled to gather all the feedback and suggestions that poured in from various channels.

As you may know, the set turn limit was the hottest topic after launch, which I had not anticipated at all. After a brief moment of shock, my team and I got to work. We spent hours discussing how to deliver the best experience for all our players including those who liked or did not mind the turn limit. As this touched upon the core mechanic of the game, there were a lot of technical hurdles to overcome to remove the limit completely. Our initial conversations prioritized the speed at which we can address the issue, as we really wanted to tell the disappointed players as quickly as possible that we remedied their problem. And had we kept speed as the top priority, we would have been able to turn off the limit last week but at a cost–you wouldn’t have been able to save the game after certain turns. After more discussions, we decided that it was much more important to address the issue at its core and that delivering quality is a higher priority than speed.

So a big thank-you to those who waited patiently for us to address the turn limit issue. You can now choose to turn off the limit when you start a new game. For those who do not mind, you can keep it on as the default setting.

Another thing that took me by surprise (maybe not everyone on the team) was the issue of long cutscenes, especially when you first start the game. As a story-driven game, I had placed a lot of importance on delivering the story and the context via cutscenes and dialogs. But I’ve learned that it was perhaps a bit too much in the beginning and that you prefer to quickly get to the heart of the game–the gameplay– and unravel the story as you go. Therefore we’ve removed the first three cutscenes in order to get you to the first episode battle more quickly.

We continuously look at what you tell us, so please make suggestions or vote for others’ suggestions you agree with on our Lost Eidolons Feature Upvote board! If you look at the board, you will see that we are already working on our next set of QoL changes like manual dialog advancement in cutscenes.

-Jin Sang

Patch Notes


  • Optional Turn Limit 
    • Option to choose turn limit on/off has been added. When starting a new game, you can turn off the turn limit or keep it on as you select the game mode and difficulty.
  • FPS Unlocked
    • Option to choose between frame rate of 30/60/Unlimited has been added.
  • Shorter Path to EP01 
    • The three cutscenes preceding the start of Episode 1 battle have been removed. You now start with the tutorial and intro video and move right into Episode 1 battle.
  • EP01 Battle Balance 
    • Episode 1 battle has been rebalanced to adjust damage taken by the allies.
  • Battle/Camp Map Brightness
    • Improved the lighting of the nighttime battlefield and camp to make them a little brighter.
  • Improved Game Stability
    • Fixed an issue that could cause an exception to destabilize the build when the battle AI is running.
    • No Sound Mode was made to address the issue where some PCs’ sound settings prevented you from entering the game. This should fix the “infinite loading screen” issue for many players.
    • DOF filter applied to the background of dialogue cutscenes has been removed to improve game performance.
  • Various Bug Fixes
    • The Assassin class bug that allowed primary weapons to be equipped as both primary and secondary weapons was fixed. 
    • The skill bug that revived all the spent skills after swapping out equipped Unique primary to secondary weapons was fixed.
    • The bug that caused the equipped magic to look abnormal upon opening the grimoire from the Inventory was fixed. You can check the grimoire in the Equipment or Grimoire menu.
    • The bug that sometimes caused the selected aide to change when they were turned on/off in the battle’s Formation menu was fixed.
    • The bug where you couldn’t change the formation after clicking on the battlefield tile with the Formation window open was fixed.
    • The very small Chinese font in the battlefield’s terrain guide window, the camp, and the codex were fixed. (We will continue to improve the font sizes.)
    • The Episode 27 progression blocker bug where the game UI disappeared if you press ESC when the enemy moves as a group was fixed.
    • Fixed the gamepad vibration not working.
    • Fixed the error where the battle camera was incorrectly applied when using the “Quick Attack” skill with a bow equipped.
    • The bug that prevented hotkeying from Options > Controls menu was fixed.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to fix issues and provide more improvements per your suggestions.

If you would like to report issues and/or suggestions of your own, please use our Feature Upvote board!

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