TurnBasedFest 15% Discount on Steam

Greetings Tacticians,

In this year of many firsts for Lost Eidolons, we bring you another first–the first discount.

To celebrate TurnBasedFest, a five-day online festival of turn-based games, we are offering 15% discount on the game as well as the DLCs! 

Show us and 300 of our turn-based game-making brethren some love by checking out the games!

Sale starts: 

  • PST: Thursday, December 8, 6 AM  
  • EST: Thursday, December 8, 9 AM  
  • CET: Thursday, December 8, 3 PM  
  • KST: Thursday, December 8, 11 PM  

And ends:

  • PST: Tuesday, December 13, 6 AM  
  • EST: Tuesday, December 13, 9 AM  
  • CET: Tuesday, December 13, 3 PM  
  • KST: Tuesday, December 13, 11 PM  

And if you aren’t doing so already, go follow the host @TurnBasedThurs Twitter channel to find more like-minded gamers!

This sale is exclusively on Steam!

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