A Letter from Ocean Drive Studio: One-Month Recap

Greetings, Tacticians!

It’s been a bit over a month since Lost Eidolons’ release. It’s hard to believe that a month has gone by already, as the team has been busy working on patches and additional development work. To find more information on our previous updates, please find earlier letters on launch day, at the one-week mark, and at the two-week mark, as well as previous patch notes (like here and here). We strongly believe that Lost Eidolons is becoming a better game with each update, thanks to your feedback and support.

As we just passed the one-month mark after launch, we’d like to share what we have planned for the future. On the development side, we have two major elements we’re working on.

First is the New Game+ mode. We would like to share what we are planning and preparing for the New Game+ mode below. For those who have been following us on our Discord server or other channels, you may find information you are familiar with already.

Features you can choose to carry over at the start of NG+:

  • Equipment Masteries
  • Class EXP
  • Rapport EXP
  • Codex
  • Equipment/Consumable Items (Normal, Rare, and Legendary)
  • Unique Items
  • Gift Items
  • Books/Essential Items
  • Gold
  • Prestige Points

Features added for NG+:

  • 2 Additional Equipped Skills Slots (Total 7 for NG+)
  • Merchant Salma Will Sell More Gift Items
  • * SPOILER ALERT * (select the text to the right to see) Leon/Robin Selectable for Battle (No Narrative and/or Quest to Revive Though)

We believe that New Game+ will allow you to enjoy different difficulty levels and modes, complete achievements that you didn’t unlock in your first playthrough, and even try out different styles of gameplay.

The other major task we’re working on is story improvements. We’ve carefully reviewed the current story delivery, and tried various methods internally.

While the current story delivery may not have been the most effective to fully convey the circumstances and the atmosphere of each scene, we believe the direction we take with dialogue cutscene improvements would allow for better situational context and story immersion.
You will also find that we removed the fade-in/fade-out effects when characters are talking to each other. Furthermore, we plan to enable manual progression of the dialogue, which should allow you to enjoy the story at your own pace. Please find a video of the new cutscene improvements below, and let us know what you think!

In addition to the two main ones we shared above, we have many more improvements we’re working on based on player feedback. If you have any feedback you want to share with us, or if you want to track our progress on the various feedback, please go to our Feature Upvote board. We will continue to work diligently in order to bring you the best Lost Eidolons experience we can!


– Jin Sang Kim, Creative Director for Lost Eidolons

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